In 1983, Schiltz Harvesting became a member of the US Custom Harvester, Inc. This organization has worked hard to promote our industry and improve safety as well as fight for fair government regulations for all harvesters.

Every May, we load our equipment on trailers and take our services to the farmers in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Our customers are our friends. Their success is our success. It’s a hard way of life, and we feel like modern-day gypsies living in campers that are always on the move. But it’s a way of life we love. In the winter, we are busy with paperwork, equipment repairs, and next year preparations.

Whether you are looking for a job, seeking an adventure, making lifelong memories, considering an internship on a J-1 Visa, or needing an experienced crew to harvest your crops, SCHILTZ HARVESTING can fill all your needs!